We strive to provide quality homes in the best places in Northwest Florida so every single visitor gets a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nikki, our rental manager nurtures each owner relationship to make sure that YOUR needs are met by us, and that our service is always provided with a smile - even over the phone! From keeping you in the loop about your property, to weekly inspection updates and fair financial fees, My Southern Beach Rentals knows that earning your business is only half of the relationship - keeping you satisfied is the best part! We work hard to keep you happy and your home ready to rent! We extend the same care and enthusiasm to your guests - pairing the right party with the right property every time, assuring a memorable stay that will bring people back time and again! With multi-faceted marketing including a strong online presence, proper pricing and ready-to-rent, clean and properly stocked homes, we make sure that both owners and guests enjoy a happy home every single time they visit. Simply put - you won't be "fee'd" to death, you won't have to worry about maintenance or housekeeping professionalism, and you WILL receive the best in customer service from Nikki!

Relationships ARE our business

Our primary focus is on our owners and their homes!

Our Mission: to provide premium services, aggressive marketing, personalized care to guests and a personal relationship to owners. If, as a property owner, you are interested in evaluating an alternative for your properties, we'd appreciate your consideration.

Our Philosophy: Communication, the key to exceptional customer service. As an owner, you'll have access to any information about your property, from the usual owners statements to the not so usual weekly inspection reports. Additionally, we have a "rental manager", Nikki Martin-Tapia, who will build a personal relationship with you and who is an owner of My Southern Beach Rentals.com.

Our Principals:

  • We are committed to quality in our housekeeping, guest services and maintenance. Your property will be well-taken care of and guests will receive first-class service that will keep them coming back.

  • Our marketing strategy is to put the majority of our energy towards an aggressive, comprehensive, consistent online presence.

  • We don't charge you for credit card fees, amenity fees or "marketing fees".

  • We don't charge you or restrict the use of YOUR property.

  • We don't offer complimentary use of properties.

  • We believe our management fees are fair and we offer a variety of programs for owners that want to get involved

  • Deriving more revenue and protecting your valuable investment are what drives our business and keeps our customers happy. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new ways to accomplish these two critical items.